About UGC Human Resource Development Centre


The UGC, in pursuance of the NPE 1986, launched the Academic Staff College (UGC - Human Resource Development Centre) Programme for promoting quality in higher education. In this endeavor, 66 Academic Staff Colleges (UGC-Human Resource Development Centres) were established in different Universities all over India, fully funded by the UGC. Recently the name of Academic Staff College changed to UGC- HRDC.

The National Policy on Education (NPE) 1986 in its programme of action makes appointed reference to the crucial link between teacher motivation and the quality of education. The NPE recognized the need for improving quality of teaching and proposed to provide opportunities for professional and career development so that teachers may fulfill their role and responsibility within the system of higher education. It was proposed to enhance their motivation skills and knowledge through systematic orientation in specific subjects, techniques and methodologies, and thereby inculcate in them the right kind of values that would in turn encourage them to take initiatives for innovative and creative work. Keeping the above objectives in view, the following steps were proposed:

  • a) To organize specially designed orientation programmes (OPs) in pedagogy, educational psychology and philosophy, and socio-economic and political concerns for all new entrants at the level of Lecturers;
  • b) To organize such orientation programmes and refresher courses (RCs) for serving teachers, covering every teacher at least once in three to five years;
  • c) To organize specially designed orientation programmes/refresher courses in IT for new entrants as well as for in-service teachers;
  • d) To encourage teachers to participate in seminars, symposia, workshops, etc.

In order to achieve the above, a Scheme of setting up UGC- Human Resource Development Centre in suitable universities in the country was initiated by the University Grants Commission (UGC).


UGC - Human Resource Development Centres are mainly entrusted with the responsibility of organizing in-service training programmes. These include Orientation courses and Refresher courses. The main objectives of orientation courses are to inculcate in the young lecturers self-reliance and make them aware of social and economic concerns of Indian society and the role of education in dealing with them. The thrust of refresher course is to help teachers acquire knowledge about the latest developments in the field and encourage them to undertake quality research.

The HRDC-BAMU caters to the needs of teachers and academic administrators of the colleges/universities. HRDC-BAMU has its own website and all the necessary information are posted/up dated regularly. In order to make an OP/RC optimally effective, the HRDC-BAMU maintains a systematic record of all participants, their achievement, their professional growth and change in their capabilities as teachers. This HRDC also ensures maintenance of a course-wise systematic record of resource persons, participants, and year-wise and subject-wise list of courses conducted. Also, HRDC maintains a proper record of the reading material produced, and keeps copies of such material in the library.