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Prof. sarwade

Dr. Gulab D. Khedkar

Professor & Director

Phone No. :(office) 0240-2403314
Department Phone No. :0240-2403376
e-mail :gkhedkar.phcdbs@bamu.ac.in

Dr. Gulab Khedkar is Director of the Paul Hebert Centre for DNA Barcoding and Biodiversity Studies which oversees DNA barcoding involvements in India. He is a Professor of Molecular Biology in the Department of Zoology and Director of its Centre for Coastal and Marine Biodiversity. India is home to at least 0.6 million species (about 7% of global diversity), but only 17% are known. To speed their discovery, Dr. Khedkar has promoted DNA barcoding through workshops, training courses, and collaborations. His laboratory works in the general area of evolutionary biology with a focus on aquatic organisms that combines lab and fieldwork. From a methodological perspective, he exploits diverse techniques for the molecular characterization of population (e.g. microsatellites, DNA sequencing, genome sequencing) and modelling. He is exploring genome size variation among species, and its impact on life history traits. Aside from metabarcoding studies on microbes from different ecosystems, he is probing mitochondrial evolution by assembling complete genomes for 500 taxa. He is also developing molecular protocols to aid food authentication.
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