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University authority has started Sub- centre at Osmanabad from 16th August 2004. The Department of Chemistry is established by the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad (M.S.-INDIA) in June 2005 at the sub-campus Osmanabad. The Department is one of the best for its teaching, research and extension activities.

Totally University authority is running six department.Chemistry Department has two special subjects : Dug & Analytical Chemistry. These two are interdisciplinary and more applied in current science world.


i) Department offers programs such as M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees.


M.Sc. degree has four semester in two years . Out of which , three semester are common to both special subjects viz Drug & Analytical Chemistry. The special subjects are allotted to fourth semester . The syllabi of all the semester are outlined below:

(paper name with marks). 

M.Sc.I year Theory papers:

Paper I            Inorganic Chemistry                     50

Paper II:        Organic Chemistry                         50

Paper III        Physical Chemistry                         50

Paper IV:       Analytical Chemistry & Computer for Chemistry              


Paper V:        Inorganic Chemistry                      50

Paper VI:       Organic Chemistry                        50

Paper VII       Physical Chemistry                       50

Paper VIII:     Spectroscopy, Thermal                 75

Method & Diffraction Technique       

M.Sc. Ist year Practical Papers 

Paper IX:       Inorganic Chemistry                        50

Paper X:        Organic Chemistry                          50

Paper XI        Physical Chemistry                         50 

M.Sc.II year Theory papers: 

Paper XII :     Application of Spectroscopy           50

Paper XIII:     Organic photochemistry & Solid       50

                   State Reaction

Paper XIV:     Environmental Chemistry                  50

Paper XV:      Bioinorganic, Bio-Organic &              75

                   Biophysical Chemistry    



Drug Chemistry


Analytical Chemistry

Paper XVI

Introduction to Medicines chemistry  

Paper XVI

Advanced Instrumental Technique

Paper XVII

Drug action & Development

Paper XVII

Pharmaceutical Practices


Drug Synthesis


Food & Pesticides Analysis

Paper XIX

Pharmaceutical Practices Industry

Paper XIX

Separ----analytical techniques.

 Practical Papers  

Paper XX

Drug Synthesis

Paper XX

Analytical ----I

Paper XXI

Assay of Drug

Paper XXI

Analytical ----II

Paper XXII

Inplant training

Paper XXII

Inplant training


Sr. No. Name of Faculty Department Designation
1 Dr. Meghshyam K. Patil Chemistry Assistant Prof. & Head
2 Dr. S. D. Delekar Chemistry Assistant Prof.
3 Dr. Kishan P. Haval Chemistry Assistant Prof.
4 Mr. Radhakrishnan M. Tigotei Chemistry Assistant Prof.

Students List

Students List



1. Dr. S.D. Delekar

2. Dr. K.P. Haval

3. Mr. R.M. Tigote

4. Dr. M.K. Patil




Ø  Academic Flexibility

Department has academic flexibility for framing the syllabus and conducting examinations. The syllabus is periodically modified to accommodate recent advances.

Ø  Computer-Aided Facility

Computer aided instructions are given in some topics. Department also provides the E-mail and Internet facilities to all faculty and research students.

Ø  NET, SET, GATE Coaching Classes

Coaching classes are conducted for M.Sc. students for the NET-SET examinations. On an average about 03-04 students qualify in these examinations per year.

Ø  English communication Guidance

Department is conducting English communication course for students.

Ø  Summer training projects

Students are completing their M.Sc. projects in reputed research institutes like NCL, etc and industries like CIPLA, GHARADA, etc.

Ø  Teacher participation in Workshop, seminar, conferences, etc

Teachers are actively participated in various academic activities such as national/ international Workshop, seminar, conferences, refresher, and orientation courses.

Ø  Guest Lecture Series

 Lectures from eminent scientists from National and International institutes as well as from industry are also arranged in the department.

Ø  Placement Cell
M.Sc. pass-out students are highly valued in teaching profession, R&D department of Industries, Institutions and other management sectors. The department is encouraging and inspiring the student to join the research program in our Universities and also the Ph.D. programs of the other Universities of Maharashtra.

The department coordinates the Placement programme wherein several industries conduct campus interviews and select students.

Name of Industries arranging campus interviews:


Ø  Student Seminar Activity

Students are motivated for delivering the seminar on interested topic in chemistry.

Ø  Social Activities

i. Importance of soil and water testing for better crops in agricultural fields.

ii. Awareness of Swine Flu: Symptoms, Precautions and Preventions.

iii. Organization of YOGA & PRANAYAM course for students.

Ø  National seminar, workshop, etc organized

i. One-day Workshop on “Guideline of NET/SET Examination” dated 5th March 2006.

ii. Two-day National Seminar on “Recent Advances in Nano Science” dated 23rd-24th
    Feb., 2008.

iii. Two-day Workshop on “Awareness of  NET/SET Examination” dated 18th-19th
    Feb., 2010.

Ø  Industrial/Educational tour

Department is conducting industrial/educational tour program each year.




Contact Us

Dr. M.K.Patil, 
Head, Department of Chemistry,
Subcenter Osmanabad,Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University,
(Office) (+91 2472 251800,+91 9420945776)
(Fax) (+91 2472 251800)