Concept Note

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Over the last three decades many economies have gained rapid economic development. However it is noteworthy that the growth has not benefited within the economy equally leading to imbalanced society. With the recent economic crisis in different parts of the world, it appears that growth models of different countries are not sustainable. Further, economists and policy makers ponder the question of whether there involves a trade-off between inclusive growth and sustainable development. Thus, the major and immediate challenge of the current century is to generate inclusive, balanced and sustainable growth. In order to create a better and sustainable future, Governments, Corporate and NGOs need to work collectively and playing their respective roles most effectively.

In this backdrop, it becomes essential to provide a stimulating platform for academicians and practitioners representing the Economics, Finance, Environment, Development Studies and related disciplines to reflect, deliberate, and suggest measures that are needed both at macro and the micro level to elevate India and other backward economies to higher and sustained growth trajectory. From this perspective, Department of Commerce, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad is organizing the international conference on “Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development- Emerging Trends and Challenges” on 15th – 16th March 2019.

Theme & Sub-Theme

Conference Themes & Sub-themes

Authors are cordially invited to submit original and unpublished work on any of the following themes or sub-themes.

Track 1: Micro Fundamentals of Macro Growth

  • Role of Physical Capital & Human Capital in Long-term Growth
  • Growth Implications of Savings & Investment
  • Rural Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Growth
  • Infrastructure and Creation of New Opportunities
  • Childhood Development, Education & Skill Development, and Transition to Work
  • Universal Health and Sanitation for Human Development
  • Women Empowerment
  • Agriculture and Agri- Business

Track 2 : Institutional Framework for Inclusive Economic Growth

  • Banking & Financial Inclusion
  • Micro Finance Institutions and Inclusive Growth
  • Self Help Groups and Empowerment
  • Non-Government Organizations as Growth Drivers
  • Legal Systems, Intellectual Property Rights and Economic Prosperity
  • Digital Platforms for Growth

Track 3 : Environment & Sustainability

  • Green energy, Green Economy, Green Business and Green Computing
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
  • Industrialization vs. Environment
  • Sustainable Business
  • Renewable Energy for Sustainability

Track 4 : Emerging Challenges of Growth

  • Gender and Regional Disparities in Growth
  • Price Instabilities & Economic Volatilities- Inflation & Recession
  • Shadow Economy
  • Rising NPAs, Banking Crisis and Growth Impact
  • Jobless Growth
  • Climate Change & Challenges of Sustainability

Track 5 : Policy Framework for Growth

  • Fiscal Policy for Growth Stabilization
  • Tax reforms and ease of doing business
  • Growth Implication of Goods & Services Tax
  • Budget and Growth
  • Make in India, Skill India, Digital India, Smart Cities Initiatives
  • Monetary Policy & Economic Stability
  • CSR for Sustainability

Track 6: Global Dimension of Growth & Sustainability

  • International Trade and Economic Growth
  • Global Inclusion Practices: Lessons from Countries in Asia and Africa
  • FDI and FII: National Growth Perspective
  • Global Economic Volatilities and Impact on National Economies
  • Export-led growth & sustainability
  • Global/Regional Financial Organizations and Growth


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