• Dr. D.A. Pathrikar Ex Director and Head Dept. of Physical Education and Sports
    1. Ideal Teacher Award
  • Dr. Smt. K.J. Jadhav Ex Director and Head Detp. Of Physical Education and Sports
    1. Maharashtra Awarded Shivchatrapati State Sports Award 1998-1999 as a best Sports Associate
    2. Govt. of Maharashtra Awarded “Ahilyadevi Holkar Maharashtra Award 2004
  • Dr. Mrs.  K.B. Zarikar Acting Head of the Dept. of Physical Education and Sports
    1. Best Citizen Award of India in 2011
    2. Savitri Bai Phule National Fellowship Award in 2014

By Students

10 Students Passed in NET/SET Examination in Physical Education

Department Laboratory

Sr.No. Name of the Equipment
1 B.P. Apparatus (Manual)
2 B.P. Apparatus (Electronic)
3 Questionnaires on Personality
4 Finger Dexterity Test
5 Steel taps
6 Weighing Machine
7 Human Body organ system models Food Nutrient Charts
8 Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseasescharts
9 Road Safety Devices Charts
10 Height and Weight Charts
11 Peak Flow Meters
12 B.P. Apparatuses (Sphygmomanometers and Stethoscope)
13 Well Thermometer and Barometer
14 Metronome
15 Finger Dexterity Test
16 Vibrators
17 Infra red Lamp
18 Sterilizing Unit
19 First-Aid Box (Preliminary and Advanced)
20 B.P. Apparatus (Sphygmomanometer and stethoscope)
21 Thermometer (Clinical)
22 Wheel Chair
23 Vision Chart Clutches
24 Weighing Machine
25 Ice Box
26 Hot packs