Our Vision & Mission


  • To provide quality oriented teaching of Music to the students.
  • To inculcate an innovative Music knowledge to create competent and enriched Music students along with the performing skills.
  • To serve the Nation with Music.
  • To create and enhanced the Musical plane of inner consciousness in the mind of students.
  • To provide sublime bliss with the help of Music to the mankind
  • To provide Peace, Purity and Prosperity through Music to the world.
  •  To strengthened the Music research activities in the department.


  • To provide quality and research oriented teaching in Music.
  • To provide Music for all.
  • To provide positive Musical vibrations for the welfare of society.
  • To create dynamic and balanced students for building of our Nation.
  • To create a trustworthy society with help of Musical waves.
  • To propagate all human values and philosophies through Music.
  • To create a ‘Global Music’ by connecting this department to the world through  signing MOU’S with Indian and International Universities.